As you navigate Desire2Learn (D2L), National American University’s Learning Management System (LMS), you may have questions about how to accomplish a variety of tasks. The following guides provide directions to walk you through the most common functions instructors perform in the D2L course shell.

How to_Add Disc Thread_D2L
How to_Class Schedule_D2L
How to_Course Content_D2L
How to_Discussion Tool_D2L
How to_Dropbox Tool_D2L
How To EmbedToTheNewsFeed
How to_Enter Zeros_D2L
How to_Grade Discussions_D2L
How to_Grade in Drop Box_D2L
How to_Grade Quiz_D2L
How to_Grades Tool_D2L
How to_Plagiarism Tool_D2L
How to_Quiz Tool_D2L
How to_Release Grades_D2L
How to_Student View Quiz_D2L
How to_Reset Quiz_D2L

If you encounter an issue you cannot resolve, please contact your supervisor for assistance.